KINARI Mutagen, Beta Ver. 0.5

for KINematic And RIgidity analysis of mutated proteins

KINARI Mutagen is a web server for performing in silico mutation experiments on protein structures from the Protein Data Bank, and analyzing their stability using rigidity analysis. If you use this software, please cite: Filip Jagodzinski, Jeanne Hardy, and Ileana Streinu, Using Rigidity Analysis to Probe Mutation-Induced Structural Changes in Proteins, Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Vol. 10, No. 3 (2012). Visit Documentation and Case Studies for additional information

To get started right away, use the quick-start feature to analyze your protein using default options. To use advanced features, click on the numbered tabs above, in order. To retrieve the results of a previous experiment, supply that experiment's mutagen key in the "Returning Users" box. Your Mutagen Key for this session is: 66in6. Retain your Mutagen Key to retreive your computational experiment results.

New Users

Generate variants of a PDB structure file by computationally mutating residues to a glycine. Calculate the rigidity of each mutant, using default modeling and rigidity options, and analyze the results.

Quick-Start Mutagen

Enter 4-digit PDB code (e.g. 1crn)

Advanced Users

Perform mutations on the residues of your choice, and select how interactions should be modeled. Use provided analysis plots to infer which residues are critical.

Advanced Mutagen

To access advanced features of KINARI Mutagen, Proceed to the first step:

Returning Users

Retrieve the results or check on the status of a previously submitted rigidity mutagen experiment. Results of past rigidity mutation experiments are retained on the server for easy retrieval.

Retrieve Mutagen Results / Check Status

Provide a 5-character Mutagen Key
(eg 2hrw7)